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Gold & Bakelite Diamond Ring Gemstrademart

Experience elegance with Gemstrademart's Gold & Bakelite Diamond Ring. As a best supplier of gemstone jewelry in the USA, jewelry retailers shop now butterfly printed Gold & Bakelite Diamond Ring in bulk as we have unique pieces at wholesale rates, enabling retailers, suppliers, and distributors in the USA to expand their Gemstone jewelry businesses. Designed in pure yellow Gold without any mishmash, this ring features a full moon-shaped Bakelite gemstone encircled by dazzling diamonds, suitable for both men and women seeking a distinctive statement piece. With a total gemstone weight of 4.83 Cts and a gross ring weight of 12.422, it's perfect for party wear. Enjoy free shipping and explore our best gemstone jewelry collection, crafted with superior manufacturing, according to the latest fashionable trends in the industry for women.